Nomad Exiles

A fascinating P2E role-playing game with integrated
NFTs and PVE & PVP mechanics

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From 2750 PRIDE


From 2750 PRIDE

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Dive into the mysterious and magical Nomad Exiles universe

Nomad Exiles is an exciting blockchain role-playing game with a deeply elaborate play-to-earn model. While you are passionately fighting your rivals in immersive PVP and PVE battles, you will be able to earn along with the game.

A great way to make money while playing the game

Whether you're solo in the game or with a team, you can earn awesome rewards for in-game actions. Train your hero so that no one can defeat him in deadly battles.

Dive into the Nomad Exiles universe through NFT heroes and help them complete a life-changing mission to save their tribe.

Early birds catch the NFT

Choose your NFT hero and upgrade its level to win battles, defeat mighty bosses and get the best rewards in the game!

Nomad Exiles Roadmap

  • Q4 2021
    1. Game Web Demo
    2. Launch Start of Marketing and Public Awareness
    3. Website + Socials
  • Q1 2022
    1. Private round, Public round, DEX listing
    2. Smart-contract development start
    3. Smart-contract audit
    4. Marketplace development start
    5. P2E game balance development start
  • Q2 2022
    1. Open Alpha
    2. CEX listing PRIDE
    3. Heroes NFT and Land NFT sale in our Marketplace
    4. Core gameplay, PvE battles
    5. First battle location
    6. Introduction in-Game Token (Burning 60% of PRIDE)
  • Q3 2022
    1. Beta
    2. NFT integrated into the game
    3. Tokenomic integrated into the game
    4. Mobile game client
    5. Narrative (main story) and dialog system
    6. Players base. Static mode
    7. Level, Armour and Abilities progress
    8. NPC and Non-NFT units
    9. Battle Locations for 5 biomes
    10. Farm Dungeouns
    11. Boss battles
    12. In-Game token DEX listing
  • Q4 2022
    1. Release
    2. PRIDE Token. NFT stacking
    3. Game resources, tokens, NFT open trading
    4. Dungeon ownership (Guilds)
    5. Leaderboards. PvP asynchronous battles
    6. NFT Rent
    7. Tutor + FTUE
    8. Narrative+ (side stories) and afterbattle comics slides
    9. NFT+Player relationships
    10. User-generated ability names
    11. World and Weapon progress
    12. Superboss battle

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    Nomad Exiles is an exciting RPG game with beautiful graphics and multiple opportunities for staking and NFT's!

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    KIFS Crypto

    Nomad Exiles is a gaming metaverse that combines exciting RPG gameplay, beautiful graphics and multiple opportunities for staking and NFTs!

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    Nomad Exiles could be the next biggest P2E game in 2022 with 100x potential!

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Our Team

Success in IT projects is made by people and we are glad to introduce you to the Nomad Exile team. Our headquarter and core team are located in Tallinn, Estonia. We have employees all over the world - talented people from different countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, etc. Our team members took part in the development of many projects such as Allods Online, Injustice GAU (mobile), Assassins Creed Valhalla, Halo 4, Dragon age: Inquisition. On top of that the team worked with financial and government institutions.

  1. Daniil Fisina

    Daniil Fisina

  2. Vyacheslav Arventiev

    Vyacheslav Arventiev

  3. Alexander Lozinsky

    Alexander Lozinsky

  4. Maxim Astrov

    Maxim Astrov

    Strong team leader with more than 18 years in the gamedev industry. Business oriented specialist with experience in building global products with a focus on deep understanding of customer needs.
  5. Pavel Kudrick

    Pavel Kudrick

    Lead game designer
    Pavel specializes in in-game balance with a strong mathematical background and broad genre experience. He has 15 years years of experience in the game dev industry. He worked as a game designer on such projects as Allods Online, Injustice GAU (mobile), and Assassins Creed Valhalla.
  6. Pavel Vikhrov

    Pavel Vikhrov

    Gamedev CTO
    Pavel has been in software development for about 10 years. He went from a junior QA specialist to the head of development, which allowed him to become a professional with a wide range of technical knowledge and skills.
  7. Maxim Astrov

    Sergei Arsenev

    Lead Artist
    Sergei is our Lead Artist. He has 15 years of experience in the game dev industry. He worked as a 2D and 3D-artist on such projects as StarWars; The Old Republic and Dragon Age.
  8. Maxim Astrov

    Mark Nesterov

    Head of Narrative
    Mark is our screenwriter. He has worked on a lot of projects in the game industry and animation. He knows how to tell any story in an interesting way.

Investors and partners

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  • Dmitry Gollandtsev

    Dmitry Gollandtsev

    Co-founder at Truevc

    VC fund and marketing agency supporting blockchain projects

  • Vladimir Nikitin

    Vladimir Nikitin

    Shima.Capital venture partner co-founder

    Crypto and blockchain influencer, experienced CEO and entrepreneur, legal and financial specialist

  • Yuri Vinogradov

    Yuri Vinogradov

    Blockchain advisor

    Blockchain pioneer and developer of the DeFi product, smart Contract developer and DeFi architect with experience in managing development teams

  • Artem Gordadze

    Artem Gordadze

    Advisor on P2E games

    Leading Blockchain technology manager. Has vast experience in Tech Development & Legal services

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